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2024 - 2025 Audition Information

Auditions for the 2024 - 2025 are quickly approaching and we are excited as we plan for this upcoming season!  Students who are interested in auditioning for Rhythm Express, Choraliers, Pure Elegance, Heartbeat, or Vocal Impact or who are interested in being a part of Nuts & Bolts can receive information from either their current music teacher or the choir teacher in their building.  

Vocal/Instrumental Auditions
Vocal and Instrumental auditions are scheduled for Monday, April 29th and Wednesday, May 1st.  Students who are auditioning for any of the choirs or Heartbeat should expect to sign up for an audition time on the Choir Audition Sign Up Genius.  Additionally, please see the audition packet for guidance on Audition Songs!  

Choreography Auditions
Choreography auditions are scheduled for Thursday, May 2nd.  Students auditioning for Choraliers or Pure Elegance will complete their choreography audition in the evening starting at 6:45pm.  Rhythm Express Choreography Auditions will be from 4:30 - 6:30pm.  Students will learn a short dance sequence, have time to practice it with graduating seniors, and then audition in groups.  Please see the information on the choreography auditions in the Audition Packet!

Helpful Links

High School Audition Packet - Audition packet with information for the high school groups! This also has a Google Classroom code for students to join who are looking for easy communication with the directing team.

Audition Application - Application to audition for our choirs.  This should be all students auditioning for an ensemble or applying to be a part of Nuts & Bolts.

Honors Credit for Vocal Impact - Information on how students can earn Honors Credit for Vocal Impact

Middle School Audition Packet - Audition packet with information for Rhythm Express!

Sign Up Genius for Vocal Audition - Link to the Sign Up Genius to Sign up for Vocal/Heartbeat Auditions!

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