"Where Tradition and Excellence meets Innovation and Opportunity."

Fairfield Choirs are consistently recognized for their achievements and high level quality of performance. The Fairfield Choral Music Program supports both traditional choral music and popular show music. We believe that by achieving excellence in the performing arts, students can and will strive for excellence in all areas. We are committed to making the experience that our students, parents, and audience members have exciting, professional, and entertaining. In addition, our choirs are to be exceptional public ambassadors and representatives of Fairfield City Schools. The reputation of the Fairfield Choral Music Department is determined by the behavior of its members. Great expectations of maturity and behavior extend beyond the rehearsal room and beyond the school day. Simply put, the Fairfield Choral Music Department is where tradition and excellence meets innovation and opportunity.

The Fairfield Choral Program has been led by many great directors such as Daniel Prior, Paul Thoms, Jeff Clark, Emily Antonelli, Sterling Finkbine, and currently is being directed by Mark Mercer. In addition, many great choreographers have worked with our students such as Randy Sage, April James, Sam Chenoweth, Dominic Matas, Tyler Moore, Chantz Gould, Brooke Smolder, and David Eschenbrenner. The choirs at Fairfield have won numerous Grand Champion awards as well as caption awards such as Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Costuming, Best Set Design, Best Show Design, Best Combo, and Best Tech Crew. Fairfield is very proud of the accomplishments of the students and takes great pride in our work.


Why is our program successful? It's not just our teachers, but it's the students, their parents, their private teachers, our administration, and our community support. 



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