Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions

Important to Note:

  • Most volunteer opportunities have a chairperson(s) and a committee.

  • All volunteer opportunities will have a Slack (downloadable App) group to community and work with each other.

Chairperson(s) Description:

  • Point person(s) for communicating between directors and committee.

  • Present and leads every meeting.

  • Manages budget closely with directors.

  • Purchase items (when applicable).

  • Sends all receipts and invoices to appropriate treasurer.

  • Organizes all volunteers and students on day of event (when applicable).


Committee Description:

  • Works closely with chairperson.

  • Attends every meeting.

  • Attend specified event(s) (when applicable).


Car Decals/Yard Signs Committee

  • Commitment in Summer and Fall.

  • Collect, submit, and distribute all orders.


Communications Committee

  • All year commitment starting in Summer.

  • Each group has a Communications Parent point person.

  • Point person for questions and information liaison so that parents don't have to contact directors.


Concert Choir Uniforms Committee

  • Commitment of Summer and Fall and end of school year.

  • Uniforms worn by all students participating in school concert choir concerts.

  • Responsible for measuring, ordering, sending for alterations/cleaning, labeling and distributing.

  • Responsible for collection of uniforms at the end of year, cleaning, and prep for the following year.


Costuming Committee

  • All year commitment starting in Summer.

  • Every group has chairperson and committee.

  • Works closely with chairperson.

  • Actively participate in research, measuring, ordering, fittings and costume organization throughout year.

  • Be available at competitions to help with getting students ready and costumes put away.

  • Sewing is not required.


Costume Alterations/Sewing Committee

  • If you can sew, no matter your skill level, WE NEED YOU!

  • Hemming.

  • Mending.

  • Alterations.


Costume Laundry Committee

  • Commitment starting in Winter.

  • Work with Costume Chairperson.

  • Launder and iron costumes.

  • Pick up costuming and return to school.


Crystal Classic Steering Committee

  • Show Choir Competition held at FHS in March.

  • All year commitment, starting in Fall.

  • Be willing to oversee a certain aspect of Crystal Classic.

  • Attend every meeting.

  • Attend both Friday and Saturday of competition.


Fall Gala Committee

  • Fundraiser taking place in Fall for all HS Show Choirs.

  • Commitment of Summer and Fall.

  • Work closely with directors and chairperson.

  • Help with decorations, venue set up and breakdown.


First Look Committee

  • The debut of all five Show Choir shows. Takes place weekend before first competition, usually end of January

  • Commitment starting in November.

  • Attend all meetings. Specific job opportunities will be assigned.

  • Available all weekend of event.


Fun Events Committee

  • All year commitment starting in summer.

  • Each group has own committee.

  • Plan fun, team building events for students throughout year.

Goodie Bags Committee

  • Helps buy and organize goodie bags for competition travels.

Homecoming Parade Floats Committee

  • Organizes vehicles, trailers, and decorating of parade floats.

  • Helps run the event in the first weekend of October.


Hospitality Committee

  • All year commitment starting in Summer.

  • Responsible for any food or snacks needed for students throughout the year.

Parent Socials Committee

  • Planning fun events for parents only throughout the year.


Photography/Videography Committee

  • Taking pictures/videos of events and competitions throughout the year and posting them on the Show Choir Media Facebook page.

  • Providing directors with great action shots when needed.


Publicity/Social Media Committee

  • Working with directors on publishing events, write-ups and photos to news agencies, newspapers and social media.

  • Ensuring the city of Fairfield hears and sees all of the work our program does throughout the year.


Senior Committee

  • Responsible for planning treats or special gifts for Seniors throughout the year.

Show Shirts Chairperson

  • Commitment of mostly Fall and Winter.

  • Ordering and distributing specific show shirts worn at competitions by all students.


Spirit Wear & Gear Committee

  • All year commitment starting in Fall.

  • Work closely with chairperson organizing vendors, ordering, collecting payments and distributing spirit wear.

  • If you are a chosen vendor, you may not be part of the Spirit Wear Committee.

Tech Team Committee

  • All year commitment, starting in Fall.

  • Work closely with directors and chairperson(s) on set design, set build and execution.

  • Responsible for loading and unloading equipment and sets for competitions.

  • Responsible for each show’s set up and breakdown at competitions.

  • This is one of, if not, the most important volunteer jobs in Show Choir.  Please consider volunteering, even if you cannot make an all year commitment. 


Travel Planning Chairperson

  • All year commitment starting in Fall.

  • Work closely with directors about all the groups travel needs.

  • Book hotels.

  • Book transportation.

  • Coordinate chaperones.

  • Must travel to every competition.


Treasurer Chairpersons

  • All year commitment starting in May.

  • MS and HS have different treasurers.

  • Work with directors on budget, fees and payments.

  • Collect all fee payments for your groups.

  • Oversee and submit all receipts, invoices and reimbursements.

 Victory Treats Committee

  • Finds volunteers to purchase and distributes victory treats for students after competition weekends where they have won or showed improvement.


Website Committee

  • Works with directors to make sure website stays up-to-date and current.

  • Updates and advertises important events.

Winter Wonderland Breakfast Committee

  • Commitment of Fall and Winter.

  • Fundraiser put on by Pure Elegance and FortissiBROS in December.

  • Attend all meetings. Specific job opportunities will be assigned.

  • Attend event set up day before.

  • Attend day of event and breakdown.

The Woods Committee

  • Weekend event in September at Camp Kirkwood for high school show choir groups.

  • Attend every meeting.

  • Specific jobs opportunities will be assigned.

  • Chaperone all weekend during event.

  • Parents will room in parent cabins and main lodge.

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